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Oregon SQL Developers User Group – November 2010

Advanced Physical Database Design for SQL Server 2008

Thank you very much to Arnie Rowland for giving me the opportunity to present in a very, very wet Portland. I think I saw more rain in Seattle/Portland in 24 hours than I have in Sydney in the last 10 years. I am NOT kidding…

So a very big thank you to all attendees who showed up. Apologies about all the bad Australia jokes.


In this session we will cover advanced aspects of physical database design such as choice of clustered vs. non-clustered indexes, use of normalization to improve performance, partitioning as a form of indexing, things to consider when working with sparse columns, filtered indexes, indexed views, and partition-aligned indexed views. We will illustrate some of the advanced functionality available in SQL Server 2008 such as missing index DMVs and Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DETA).


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