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Sydney SQL Server Enterprise User Group: 2 February 2011

DBA: SQL Server Myths and Misconceptions


Thank you to all that attended the first meeting for 2011.

It was certainly one of the most vocal sessions as people voted and debated the various “myths” about SQL Server. Hopefully the myths we confirmed or dispelled will help in both design and operational considerations.

Congratulations to Nathan for winning the major door prize at the last meeting, a license of the Idera SQL Admin Toolset (valued at AUD $432) that was generously provided by Idera ( and Tony Finnemore from SQL Tools (

DBA: SQL Server Myths and Misconceptions
As a DBA you have heard of plenty of myths and misconceptions about SQL Server. From how “you can improve transaction log performance with instant file initialisation” to whether “non-logged operations still exist in SQL Server”. In this session Victor Isakov will go through over 30 different myths and misconceptions about SQL Server and explain what actually happens in the background. This should be a great session to both test your SQL Server knowledge and to learn how to best administer and configure SQL Server.