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SQL PASS Summit 2011

Important Trace Flags that Every DBA Should Know


Again, thank you very much to all of the attendees to my session on indexing.

Likewise thanks to all the people that have thanked me at GameWorks for presenting on this topic.

As I said at the presentation, I was pleasantly surprise by the turn-out.

Finally a big thank you to Julie Koesmarno for co-presenting with me. I hope to do a session with her again soon. It was great fun!


Important Trace Flags That Every DBA Should Know [DBA-309]

There are a number of important trace flags that should be implemented in most production environments. Yet many DBAs think that trace flags should only be used for testing purposes or to "show-off" at conferences. That they are not supported. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. A good example is trace flag 4199. (Yes, it’s probably worth your while reading KB974006 to understand what trace flag 4199 does!). In this session, Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) and Julie Koesmarno (MCITP) will present the important trace flags that all DBAs should know, what they do, when to implement them and how best to implement them in a production environment. This will enable you to maximize the performance and reliability of your SQL Server infrastructure.

Transact-SQL Demo Scripts

I hope to get invited to speak at SQL PASS Summit in 2012.


Safe travels and happy journeys,


SQL PASS Summit 2011

The Ultimate Session on Indexing


First and foremost, thank you very much to all of the attendees to my session on indexing.

And thanks to all the people that have thanked me for it throughout the week at the conference. I am glad that you both enjoyed it and found it useful.


The Ultimate Session on Indexing [AD-302-HD]

You can have the best hardware possible: SSDs, TBs of RAM and 100s of processors. (Don’t we all wish we had such budgets.) But if you don’t have the correct indexing strategy in place your database can still perform poorly. With the next version of SQL Server there are even more options available. Confused about what indexing strategy to use? Then this is the session for you!
In this session Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) will cover all of the indexing options that are available in SQL Server and when best to use them. Victor will cover "practical" internals that will help you understand how indexes work and why you need to maintain them. Finally he will cover what indexing strategies to use given the most important considerations: your users, their query patterns and your data.
This should prove to be a most informative and practical session that will enable you to optimize your database performance.

Transact-SQL Demo Scripts

I hope to get invited to speak at SQL PASS Summit in 2012.


Safe travels and happy journeys,


Australian SharePoint Conference 2011

Planning Your SQL Server Infrastructure for a SharePoint 2010 Solution

Thank you to all who attended my session and for your positive feedback.

Again, apologies for cutting into your lunch time!

As discussed, the rationale for the slide deck was to have a reference for your DBAs to use when designing your SQL Server infrastructure. So hopefully it will prove to be a handy print-out or “cheat-sheet” when liaising with your SharePoint developers.

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences in the field with SharePoint 2010.

Planning Your SQL Server Infrastructure for a SharePoint 2010 Solution 

SharePoint is becoming more ubiquitous in the market as a critical core business application. Consequently it is more important than ever for DBAs to be cognisant of SharePoint’s architecture and how to best provision, configure and manage the SQL Server infrastructure .

In this session Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) will explore the SharePoint 2010 architecture and considerations that every DBA should know, including capacity planning, performance management, configuration, disaster recovery and high availability.

SharePoint Event of the Year!

Australian / New Zealand SharePoint Conference 2010

Have you registered for the Australian Community SharePoint Conference yet?

Check out the conference site to see the awesome line up of international and local speakers. Arpan Shah, Director at Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA) who owns Technical Product Management for SharePoint Products and Technologies will be delivering the Keynote.

The agenda also looks to cover a huge amount of topics in both 2007 and 2010 content, over 40 (30 NZ) sessions, with three tracks to choose; Business, Voice of a Customer – Case Studies and TWO concurrent Technical Tracks.

Get to mingle with 800 (400 NZ) other SharePoint enthusiasts – everyone from end users, administrators, developers and managers. Become part of the SharePoint community, connect at the conference and enjoy ongoing benefits, resources and ideas sharing after the event.

16 – 17 June, 2010
Hilton, Sydney
$650 ex GST (Group discounts available) 


9 – 10 June, 2010
Duxton Hotel, Wellington
$600 ex GST (Group discounts available) 


Don’t miss out on THE SharePoint event of 2010.

Note: Every delegate will get a personal SharePoint 2010 site at the conference and have the chance to work in this for 3 months post the conference.

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SQL PASS Summit 2009

DBA-437 – The Problem With Parallelism

The SQL PASS Summit for 2009 saw over 2,100 attendees.

I was particularly impressed with the breadth and depth of the presentations on offer. I am very much looking forward to going through all the sessions on the DVDs when they are released.

Thank you very much to the gentleman at the back of my session who asked about worker threads. As I indicated, the defaults are fairly well documented in SQL Server BOL:

The default value for max worker threads, 0, allows SQL Server to automatically configure the number of worker threads at startup. This setting is best for most systems; however, depending on your system configuration, setting max worker threads to a specific value sometimes improves performance.

The following table shows the automatically configured number of max worker threads for various combinations of CPUs and versions of SQL Server.

Number of CPUs

32-bit Computer

64-bit Computer

<= 4 processors



8 processors



16 processors



32 processors



 Note: We recommend 1024 as the maximum for 32-bit SQL Server and 2048 for 64-bit SQL Server.

Importantly, don’t forget that earlier version of SQL Server defaulted to 255 for the max worker threads configuration option. So if you perform/performed an in-place upgrade on your SQL Server 2000 instance you should ensure that the value be changed to 0 for SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

I have included my presentation below:

Otherwise, it was great to catch up with the "usual punters" at the "local office", the Tap House Grill. The seasonals were great!
See you next year!


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Microsoft Tech•Ed Australia 2009

SQL311 – Operational Excellence: Managing a SQL Server Infrastructure

I hope everyone had a great experience at Tech Ed.

Thanks for your feedback and reviews.

I have posted a copy of the presentation as promised:


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Implementing Partitioned Views with Table Partitioning Presentation

DBA-414: Implementing Partitioned Views with Table Partitioning

I have attached the presentation slides and the demo scripts for the DBA-414: Implementing Partitioned Views with Table Partitioning presentation delivered at the SQL PASS 2008 Conference and the Sydney SQL Server User Group December session.

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