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SQL PASS Summit 2011

The Ultimate Session on Indexing


First and foremost, thank you very much to all of the attendees to my session on indexing.

And thanks to all the people that have thanked me for it throughout the week at the conference. I am glad that you both enjoyed it and found it useful.


The Ultimate Session on Indexing [AD-302-HD]

You can have the best hardware possible: SSDs, TBs of RAM and 100s of processors. (Don’t we all wish we had such budgets.) But if you don’t have the correct indexing strategy in place your database can still perform poorly. With the next version of SQL Server there are even more options available. Confused about what indexing strategy to use? Then this is the session for you!
In this session Victor Isakov (MCA, MCM, MCT, MVP) will cover all of the indexing options that are available in SQL Server and when best to use them. Victor will cover "practical" internals that will help you understand how indexes work and why you need to maintain them. Finally he will cover what indexing strategies to use given the most important considerations: your users, their query patterns and your data.
This should prove to be a most informative and practical session that will enable you to optimize your database performance.

Transact-SQL Demo Scripts

I hope to get invited to speak at SQL PASS Summit in 2012.


Safe travels and happy journeys,